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    0.1-2GHz 64dB Gain RF Broadband Amplifier Board Low Noise Amplifier LNA

    Manufacturer: Serier Electronics
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    SKU: BG-1237028

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    low noise amplifierLNA2-2G-64DB
    1. Power supply voltage:12VDirect(Current 70MA)Shielding enclosure
    2. Gain:64DB input and output impedance: 50 ohm
    3. Maximum output power:10dBm (2VPP50Under ohmic load)
    4. Input signal:<=-54DBM(greater thanDBm -54Input output signal has been distorted)
    5. Bandwidth, bandwidth:1MHzreach(2GHzDifferent frequency gain is different, specific please refer toS21Curve index)
    6. Noise coefficient:2dB (0.5GHzCase measurement)
    7. Other: the need for different gain values, you can reduce the supply voltage
    8. Point frequency gain:GAIN=63.41 dB F=30.29MHZ
                       GAIN=66.43 dB F=310.2MHZ
                       GAIN=64.54dB F=620.2MHZ
                       GAIN=55.59 dB F=1.210GHZ
                       GAIN=48.18 dB F=1.590GHZ
                       GAIN=38.44 dB F=1.810GHZ
                       GAIN=39.58 dB F=2.000GHZ
    Vector network analyzer measurement:

    Figure 1:AV36580AMeasurement of vector network analyzer S21 value
    Chip S21 parameters:

    Package included:

    1 x 0.1-2GHz 64dB Gain RF Broadband Amplifier Board

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